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Luna Lovegood + blue

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remember when the avengers was new?

remember how exciting it was to finally have some of our favorite superheros interacting in one movie?

remember getting chills during this scene?


remember feeling like a superhero when the screen went black and the credit music came on?

Please never forget how special The Avengers is. 

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our leader the mockingjay

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OUAT Countdown: 30 days

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you are the face of the
                                r e b e l l i o n .

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I promised you a reckoning.

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Get to Know Clara - #32 She’s almost always impeccably dressed. While she frequently wears skirts and dresses, that is not all that makes the way she dresses stand out. Amy also frequently wore skirts, but also often chose more casual options and wore denim skirts. Comparisons aside, Clara dresses like someone who wants to look stylish and very well put together at all times. This lines up with her personality traits both of presenting herself how she wants to be seen and her desire to always be in control of her life. Her appearance is just one more facet of that.

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Revolution Alphabet Meme: 
  ↳ J - Journeys 

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Favourite new tv show of the year

Penny Dreadful

Do you believe there is a demimonde? A half world between what we know and what we fear?

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middle-earth meme: [1/10 scenes]

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